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Updated: Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The season officially ends on Wednesday, October 18th after the 17th Annual “Run the Hill” for everyone not on the State Team.

The following is a schedule for the end of the season.  


  • 17th – Mandatory Team Practice – 2:30 PM
  • 18th – 17th Annual “Run the Hill” – Blackwell

The Tiger XC team will be hosting the 17th Annual Run the Hill day on Wednesday, October 18th. This is expected for anyone who is not on the State Team. We will have a school bus to transport the team TO Blackwell. Any girl who drives to school may drive to Blackwell with permission of Coach Harvey. Those girls may ONLY transport themselves. ALL other team members must ride the school bus. You are expected to participate unless you are injured. Everyone is expected to attend. The team will have 30 minutes to run as many hills as they can. Pick up from Blackwell will be at 5:15. This is the last day of cross country for everyone except the state team.


  • 1st – Begin scheduling individual meetings with Coach Harvey

Starting on Wednesday, November 1st team members can begin scheduling individual meetings with Coach Harvey. You may come alone or with a friend if you would like. Meetings are either before school at 6:40, or after school once the full season is over. No meeting will be scheduled during class time. More information on scheduling will follow.

Come prepared to talk about your season with positive/negative individual and team items as well as goals for the future. These meetings are very beneficial to get one on one feedback about your season as well as to develop a plan about training until next year. Most meetings last about 15-20 minutes. They are not required but are “highly suggested” if you would like to participate of the team next year.

On Monday, November 6th, we will be turning in equipment in the field house hallway. This is mandatory for all team members. You must bring your team uniforms (shorts, spandex and top) and sweats. Failure to turn in your assigned sizes/numbers will result in a replacement payment of the lost garment.

In addition to uniform hand in you will be voting for the 2017 Team Awards: Newcomer, Most Valuable, and Most Improved. These awards will be given out at awards night on Thursday, November 9th. If you are not able to attend please talk to Coach Harvey for information on voting and to return your equipment. DO NOT LEAVE EQUIPMENT ON COACH HARVEY’S DESK! They must be individually checked and inspected.

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